Tek 8560

From: Jochen Kunz <jkunz_at_unixag-kl.fh-kl.de>
Date: Sun Sep 12 04:08:57 2004

On Sat, 11 Sep 2004 17:48:31 -0700
Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com> wrote:

> So, I gather it's some PDP 11/23 like thing. Are these worthwhile to
> gather up? Are these useless without X, where X is a member of a list
> of unobtainable accessories? Or is it useful by itself (with more
> generic periphs).
There was some discussion about this machines a while back, you may
check the archives...

IMHO this things are worth to be kept. AFAIK they have Shugart disk
interfaces and RS232 ports for connecting terminals. The base unit
itself schould be enough to run the Tek UNIX variant and do some work.
This machines are not that uncommon, so you may be able to get some
missing parts like manuals.
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