Floppy drives for the Tarbell floppy controller

From: jim stephens <jwstephens_at_msm.umr.edu>
Date: Sun Sep 12 12:19:48 2004

I used Shugart 8" drives wired as address 0 thru 3 w/o problems for single
density and double density.

the cable is pretty much just a 50 pin idc on the tarbell controller end,
and whatever fits your floppy drive on the other.

I never had 5 1/4" drives wired up, though you supposedly could
do so.

Beware the Tarbell densities over the regular 8" single sided 256k
format was not readable by much else.


"Cini, Richard" wrote:

> Hi:
> What were the specs of the floppy drives used with the Tarbell S100
> floppy controller? I may be getting one without the drives.
> Thanks.
> Rich
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