ASR-33 repair parts

From: Charles H. Dickman <>
Date: Sun Sep 12 20:50:26 2004

Specifically a print cylinder and a new pad for the print hammer. Does
anyone know of a source for these two items?

The pad on the print hammer has disintegrated and the underlying metal
has been pounding on the print cylinder. This has caused some of the
letters images to be deformed so that only the top half of the letter
prints. A new print cylinder would be virtually impossible to fabricate,
so I need to find a new or used one.

I can try to replace the pad with something I have, because I don't want
to damage the cylinder any more than it already is. What was the
original material: rubber, leather? Anyone tried this before?

Ribbons are still commonly available though, I bought one at Staples for
US$2.97 this afternoon.

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