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From: Peter C. Wallace <>
Date: Sun Sep 12 23:37:08 2004

On Sun, 12 Sep 2004, William Donzelli wrote:

> > With both sides in play, that seems likely, but a 12"x12" board is going
> > to be pricy (at least there won't be many through-holes, just vias; those
> > things add up).
> Exactly. I think a six layer board would be needed, but maybe with some
> extremely optimized routing, maybe a four layer. Either way, I doubt there
> would be a whole bunch of unused real estate left (or money in your
> pocket).
> William Donzelli

I think its doable on single sided 12" square or so but I wouldn't know for
sure until I tried a small piece

We pay about $.33 per sq inch for 4 layers, maybe $.45 for six layers so I
doubt the PCB would be more than $50-70, especially if I let it hitchike
on one of our production mixed panels. Routing would be a pain, my guess is
that it would take 6 layers if autorouted but probably 4 like you say if
carefully placed and hand routed. BTW none of our current PCB vendors count
vias or holes anymore when quoting, only total area.

Peter Wallace
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