simh qustions

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Mon Sep 13 08:18:24 2004

>>>>> "Zane" == Zane H Healy <> writes:

>> simh PDP11 / RSTS/E
>> Can other machines on my network attach to the simulated PDP11 via
>> telnet? what port?

 Zane> I'm not sure what the current state of SIMH networking is,
 Zane> especially on the Mac (which I believe you're using) even
 Zane> though I'm typing this on a G5. The last time I tried the SIMH
 Zane> networking was probably a couple years ago now. I've heard
 Zane> good things about networking support under SIMH VAX.

 Zane> I've had good luck with networking RT-11, RSX-11M, and RSX-11M+
 Zane> using E11 running on Linux, however I never could get DECnet or
 Zane> LAT to work under RSTS/E when running on E11 (of course I've
 Zane> had enough trouble with a real PDP-11 and RSTS/E networking).

E11 and RSTS networking (DECnet, that is -- haven't tried LAT) is
perfectly straightforward, it works as documented. I used it to talk
to DECnet/Linux, which worked fine.

Haven't tried RSTS on SIMH at all, should do that one of these days...

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