Commodore PET disk drive power-up error codes

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Mon Sep 13 12:02:09 2004

>> [If it is a 2114, it will be the second one I've found dead in PET hardware
>> over the past month - other was was video RAM in a 4032]
>FWIW, I've had _lots_ of 2114s fail. I had to replace all of them in my
>8050 (IIRC, if you hvave multiple RAM errors, you get the flash code for
>the lowest bank first, then when you've replaced those you get the code
>for the next bank, and so on...). I had to replace the video RAMs in my
>TRS-80 Model 3. And the RAM in my HP82163 video interface. And more...
>In my experiece the 2114 is one of the least reliable chips ever...

 Compared to the 2111's, the 2114's are really quite good.
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