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From: Jim Isbell <>
Date: Mon Sep 13 13:58:24 2004

I have a TRS-80 mod 3, two TRS-80 mod 1s, some expansion chassis for
TRS-80 and some 5.25" floppies for TRS 80, a Commodore Pet, a North Star
(8" floppies!!), a Chameleon (dos/cpm)(portable but weighs 40 lbs!!) , a
Sinclair that has been built into a monitor/keyboard cabinet with lots
of super mods., a couple of TI computers and modules, a Commodore
SX-64, several Datavue 25s (first really portable computer). If I were
to hang on to anything it might be the Commodore SX-64 because it has a
color screen and I have a Packet radio set up that fits it....hmmmm
maybe I should sell the packet radio set up with it. But what I think
what I will do is sell these either here or on E Bay and when the stack
gets low, keep the last couple or the ones of the least value and use
what I get from the others to make the last ones really nice.

Is there a place where I can go to see what the values of the various
units is?

Dan Veeneman wrote:

> Hi Jim,
> At 07:37 PM 9/12/04, you wrote:
>> I just joined because I have a garage full of old computers that my
>> wife said, "either do something with them or get rid of them." So I
>> am here to make a decision, one or the other.
> Welcome to this list. I'm sure you'll get a number of people
> (including me) curious about what computers you might have
> and where you're located.
> As far as deciding what to do -- do you have some "favorites"
> that you'd like to power up and run?
> Cheers,
> Dan
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