New to the list

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Mon Sep 13 17:59:59 2004

Hello, Jim, and welcome aboard! I'm certain you'll find the folks
on this list to be helpful, whether you decide to keep your computers
or find new homes for them.

> I have a TRS-80 mod 3, two TRS-80 mod 1s, some expansion chassis for
> TRS-80 and some 5.25" floppies for TRS 80

If you decide to keep the TRS-80 Model 3, I have a bunch of different
operating systems for it which I'd be happy to share.

> a Sinclair that has been built into a monitor/keyboard cabinet with lots
> of super mods

Which model Sinclair? What sort of mods? I may very well be interested
if you decide to offload it -- I collect Sinclair and Timex-Sinclair
and their clones and peripherals.

Later --

Glen Goodwin
Electronic parts and more
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