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From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Mon Sep 13 19:31:54 2004

Hi Will,

I have an Action Laser II which I'm afraid I'll have to part out. The
photoconductor unit assembly has a big gouge out of it plus a scratch
around the circumference. I bought the printer used at an auction and was
not told about it. (Yeah, I know, buyer beware.) Price tag for a new one
was much more than the danged printer is even worth :-/ Toner cartridge$
are another $tory. The rest of the machine looks fine.

Anyway, I can look inside to see if the parts you need are within. Is the
memory expansion board mounted inside or would this be an external option
plugged into the external option connector? I have not ever had the covers
unbolted to know for sure. It has been buried in the attic for several
years now but if you want me to look, I can root it out within the next
four or five days. Would you perhaps want it for the cost of shipping and
maybe a heavy-wall carton?

Regards, Chris F.


Upon the date 05:48 PM 9/7/04, Will Campagna said something like:
>I am trying to locate a source for a Memory Expansion Board and ram chip
>sets for the Epson Action Laser II laser printer.
>Thanks for your help.
>Will Campagna

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