Computer surplus in Los Angeles

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Tue Sep 14 00:18:07 2004

Apex, in Sun Valley:

Out back, a pile of Tandy 4's and III's. A pile out in the sun, likely
junked, but probably retrievable stuff in there.

Out back, there were a bunch of VT1xx's and VT2xx's, but they were
beyond salvage. There were even some Kaypro 4's once, similarly crapped.

Tek 3002 logic analyzer, typically, without probes, but I know there are
Tek or HP probes hanging on the end of the aisle (this sort of thing
happens all the time -- parts get separated. I've been ahem known to buy
one thing... then the other half a week or a month later...)

That other Tek I mentioned, the lsi11 thing, is there on a shelf.

THere are some other vintage computerish items, but I forget what they

A bunch of video processing gear, with some sort of MO drive, all black,
looks very 1986ish.
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