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Date: Tue Sep 14 11:39:02 2004

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>Then a year later, when they ask me what the best way is to deal with all
>the popups, spyware, viri and other junk... I tell them to buy a Mac! :-)

This is the thought process of my IT friends (Disclaimer: I used to do IT as
well, now I'm just a lowly programmer :)

I don't want to start a Mac/PC flamewar, I just want to relay my own and my
friend's experiences to those who may have no exposure to a Mac.

I've personally set up and maintained three seperate computer networks for
three different campus departments, back when I was doing IT for the
university. One was a Mac department, the other two were PC and Mac/PC
mixed. The Mac-only department I had to revisit maybe twice to install new
printer hardware and upgrade some machines. I was at the PC and Mac/PC
departments a few times a month for viruses, crashed hardware, CD-ROM's
failing, hard disks dying, etc... The Mac/PC department only ever had these
problems with their PC's, their Mac-based server ran and ran and ran. (I
also ran a Netware 4 based Compaq server that also ran and ran and ran. I
also ran a Windows NT based Dell that ran maybe nine days out of ten :)

This could mean that the Mac-only group didn't use their machines as much,
which is unlikely as it was as close to a "Paperless office" as you could

It could mean that they Mac-only office was more computer savvy and fixed
their own problems, which is unlikey as it was a humanities department whose
staff was just introduced to computers a couple years before (They picked up
on the Mac's pretty quick and used them a LOT).

It could mean the PC-only office didn't know what they were doing and broke
hardware, which is unlikely as they were a sociology department who spent
most of their time on SPSS crunching numbers, and had been for years.

My friend's experiences mimic my own. Mac users show up at their door less
often than PC users, even adjusted for installed platforms. Most Mac users
coming in for help have machines that are 10 years old and they can't get to
a website 'cause they are using a dirt old version of Netscape or IE.

Most office/university users use Office, E-Mail and the Web, all of which
are available on the Mac platform. If you need more esoteric stuff you can
install fink and grab just about any package that can run on Linux.

I run a Gentoo linux server, a Linux based development server, a Windows XP
machine for games, and a MacOS X machine for general use. I also have a
laundry list of OSes running in the basement :)

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