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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Sep 14 17:01:19 2004

> > > school work, email, AIM, and games. As soon as they say games, I tell
> > > them to get a Windows PC.
> >
> > Games? I'd say buy a PS2 or gamecube.
> >
> > Or, to be a bit more classic, a Saturn, NeoGeo, or TG16.

If someone wants to play Neo Geo games on real hardware, they will be better
off getting an Arcade machine than a Neo Geo console. There are more games
available for the console, and the games tend to be cheaper. Go price
"Metal Slug" for the Console and then price it for the Arcade. For the
price of that one cart you can get a Arcade system and several carts! BTW,
the last carts for the Console and the Arcade were released this year. Not
a bad run when you consider that the Home Carts are released at $300 each.

Also, for classic consoles, don't forget the Sega Genesis. Great little
system with great games (of course so was the Saturn and Dreamcast).

> Because some of the best games (IMHO) are for the PC only such as Age of
> Empires, or oldies like Master of Orion. I have a Dreamcast, PSX, and even

Gee, I'd best not tell my PowerMac G5 2x2 that the Mac version of Master of
Orion I run on it doesn't exist :^)

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