rewriting legacy OS for new iron

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Tue Sep 14 19:36:09 2004

On Sep 14, 2004, at 12:06 PM, Paul Koning wrote:

>>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Handy <> writes:
> Kevin> It would be better to just create a compiler for the languages
> Kevin> like basic-plus than trying to rewrite the entire OS. It would
> Kevin> allow you to use the old programs on new systems. Make a BP2
> Kevin> front-end for GCC, and you can natively run RSTS/E programs on
> Kevin> your Linux system.
> Yes, once you have implemented a sys(char *) function that knows all
> the RSTS sys calls... which is a substantial job. And the libc
> additions to emulate the various I/O modifiers, especially for
> terminal I/O where they are both strange and important...
> paul
Might as well just run linux. It has lots of good languages, and plays
nicely with terminals and
telnet sessions. It's not very legacy tho.
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