rewriting legacy OS for new iron

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Tue Sep 14 19:47:18 2004

On Sep 14, 2004, at 11:47 AM, Zane H. Healy wrote:

>> I wish I had some DEC hardware, what's the physically smallest PDP11
>> one
>> could find? I am running RSTS/E on simh.
> Personally I'd recommend a BA23 Chassis if space is a concern, a BA123
> would
> be better, but they take up about twice the space. Then add a CPU
> board
> (/23+, /53, /73, /83, or /93 preferably with a bootstrap and console
> port
> onboard), get the right memory, get a disk and tape controller, disks,
> tape
> drive, a real terminal (I personally like VT420's), and plug it all
> together.
> If you can afford it I would recommend getting a SCSI disk/tape
> controller
> rather than an RQDX3, if you do go with the RQDX3, stay away from the
> RD53
> disks. For a good reason to spend the money on a SCSI controller,
> take a
> look at what RD54's sell for these days!
> Having said that, I find myself leaning towards SIMH or E11 running on
> a
> Mini-ITX system. There is something about a PDP-11 that is virtually
> silent
> and only uses about 40W that appeals to me.
> Zane
I have a terminal.. it's an HP but it's a terminal. I suppose writing
RSTS from the ground
up is not as nice as just using an emulator (simh or E11).

(Sellam - look away)
I really can't afford the space, heat or electricity of a real PDP 11.
but I can run and emulator in my iBook.
(Ok Sellam, done)

If anyone has an RSTS/E system hanging on the Internet (simh or not) I
would be interested in
a an account.. Trade-ya for games written in BASIC.
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