rewriting legacy OS for new iron

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Tue Sep 14 22:52:05 2004

> >What do you have to trade? I have quite a number of games on there,
> >including the Basic Plus version of ADVENTure.
> Do either of you happen to have DND?
> Zane

I'll have to look. I got a PDP-11/23 a few months ago and I believe
that a version of Dungeon was on an RL01 pack with that system.
I'll have to fire it up some time in the near future and check on
those RL01 packs. These are all RT11 packs.

I never played Dungeon, but I assume that's what you're talking
about. I spent many hours (days, months) playing ADVENTure
(Colossal Cave) back in the 1978-79 time frame.

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