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From: chris <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 12:08:44 2004

>Games? I'd say buy a PS2 or gamecube.
>Or, to be a bit more classic, a Saturn, NeoGeo, or TG16.
>Why screw up your computer choice for games when a seperate game box is
>only $50-$150 (depending on which one and how you feel about

Agreed, but there are also a large number of games that aren't available
for those platforms. Many of those are network based multiplayer games.
And when I'm asked computer choice questions, often the "games" idea that
comes up is because the kid's friends are all playing some windows game
and they feel left out.

Usually when I mention buying a PS2 or GameCube, I'm told they already
own one.

What it all boils down to when I give a recommendation is... a computer
is just another tool to get a job done. So you have to decide what job
you need done, and from there you get the right tool for the job. There
are many places where Windows is the only, or better choice. There are
many where a Mac is the only or better choice. And ones that neither are
the right choice.

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