MORE PDP hardware available, different deal... UK this time

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 12:59:39 2004

trying to find a home for the
following DEC bits:

        DEC microPDP-11/23 (Fully working)

            512 kWord memory, 2 x RX50 floppy, 1 x 40 MB hard disk
            Boots RSX-11M, with full set of RSX-11M manuals

        DEC Rainbow 100+ (Fully working)

            512 kB RAM, 2 x RX50 floppy, 1 x 10 MB hard disk
            (RAM & graphics expansion board fitted.)
            DEC colour monitor, 2 keyboards.
            Boots CP/M & MSDOS,

        DEC VT240 terminal (Not working - reason unknown)

            With manuals, keyboards & small green screen monitor

We are currently looking to dispose of these because we no longer have space
for them. If you know of anyone who may be interested in the kit AND is
prepared to arrange for collection from the North West of the United Kingdom
we would be glad to hear from them.

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