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From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 14:18:10 2004

Ed Kelleher wrote:
> At 10:51 PM 9/14/2004, you wrote:
>> Remember to use 1 GHZ transistors too!
> I think the original proposal included scattering some LED's around for
> blinkenlights also.
> Guess you'll need some 1GHz LED's then too.
> Ed
But if you ever did a copy of a PDP 8/S the tricky part is I think DEC
used PNP transistors and ge diodes rather than NPN transistors and
si diodes.. Note the voltage levels I think are -3 volts and GND so
you could use modern CMOS and get almost the same functions
but a flip/chip I guess would be 1/3 the size if you could get the
sockets shrunk down. Also the core memory could be replaced
with a non-volatile magnetic memory. ( 3.3v logic )
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