today's score : RK06 & RK07 drive

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Date: Wed Sep 15 15:00:56 2004


I have 2 RK07's already. This RK07 goes to Henk Gooijen, and I'm doubting
what to do with the RK06. Either I keep it, or swap it for something else.
It came with one pack (clean), so it can be used.


> At 04:35 PM 9/14/2004, you wrote:
>>Today was a good day for me, I picked up 2 RK drives, a RK06 and a RK07.
>>The airfilter of the RK06 was changed in 2000, so it seems that this
>>drive has been in use not that long ago. The RK07 has a filter a little
>>older, but looks also clean (as are the drives internally).
> Good stuff. You must have packs for them.
> Did RSTS systems for several electric coops on 2 or 3 RK07s.
> Must be the phase of the moon or something.
> I found a PDP8E with TU56 and PRS01 paper tape reader and bunch of spare
> boards.
> If health physics will survey it out as ok (it's in the bowels of the
> local
> nuclear fuel plant),
> I've got a neat system to play with - and to buy stuff for. :-)
> Ed K. (to distinguish from rest of the Eds on the list)
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