Odd PET 8032 mainboard

From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Wed Sep 15 19:36:24 2004

Hi Guys,

Continuing to play with PET's ...

So far, all the PET 8032s I've seen (including my SuperPET) use a board which is
identical to the 4032 board, except that the 4032 has some buffers and RAM unpopulated
(the locations are there), has the jumpers by the video circuitry set differently,
and has a different EDIT ROM - I assume this is the "universal" board that they talk
about on funet.

I recently was given a dead 8032 board (which I have fixed - bad 7805 and also a bad
2114 video RAM - ***another one***).

This board is different - it does not have the jumpers near the video circuitry, and
the monitor connection is located near the keyboard connector (on the other board the
monitor connection is near the edge at the front of the machine). Since there are no
jumpers, this board does not appear to be usable at 40 columns.

Another odd thing about this board, is that all DRAMs, ROMs, and 40 pin 65xx chips
are factory socketed - my other boards had only EDIT rom and 6502 socketed (a few
more have been since I repaired them). Aside from the sockets, lack of jumpers and
moved video connector, it looks nearly identical to the other board.

What board is this? Is this the "early 8032" board that is mentioned on funet?
Both boards say "Copyright 1080".

Is it electrically different from a "universal" board that is configured for 80

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