Nigerian scams

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 09:19:54 2004

No sooner had the discussion on the cashier's check scam ended than I
received not one but two fraud attempts from these numbskulls in Nigeria.

The latest is this one, which is stunning in its hilarity:

Hello sales,
 I am highly interest in purchase the product in your store listed

Level 01: VCF Pin & T-shirt ............................1000pices

then i will liKe you to calculate the total cost of the goods with
via ups 3-5days express shipment so that i can send you my cheque account
ship to the above adress
11 oshifuye street off
palmavenue road
lagos 23401
Looking forawrd to hear from you soonest
Best Regard

This guy wants to order 1000 donations to the VCF.  He must be some
overachiever in Fraud 101 trying to impress his instructor or something.
Anyway, I'm already stringing along the first guy, but this is going to
become a regular thing I don't have time for it.
Any ideas?
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