RSTS/E Question

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 15:19:10 2004

>>>>> "Ron" == Ron Hudson <> writes:

 Ron> In a real PDP11 you would have actual terminals/ttys connected
 Ron> to physical serial ports. In my case I have Telnet
 Ron> sessions..but I don't know how many I can have.. I suppose one
 Ron> for each job (20 or so?) or does the DZ11 limit the number of
 Ron> KBn: s I can have?
>> It sure does. If it's a DZ (whether real, or emulated one tied to
>> a Telnet session at the emulator) it by definition has 8 ports.
>> If you want 20 sessions, and they are hooked to DZs, then you'd
>> have to have at least 3 DZs...
>> paul
 Ron> Hmm.. In the simulator, I type show dz

 Ron> DZ, address=17760100-17760137*, vector=300-334, lines=32,
 Ron> attached to 232, 8b, 0 connections

 Ron> Does this mean I have 32 KBn: (KB0 - KB31??)

If you told RSTS you wanted it to support four DZs, yes. Remember
that (until RSTS 9.6) you had to tell SYSGEN how many of what type of
terminal interface to support when doing a system generation (assembly
and link of the terminal driver). You could ask for more than is
actually there, in which case the rest is disabled at startup. If you
ask for less than is there, only what you told to SYSGEN will be

The simulator's display is warped. It's confusingly reporting that
there are four DZ interfaces, since each has 8 lines, two vectors, and
four CSRs. So the CSR display is reporting the address range used for
all four sets of CSRs. And the vector display is flat wrong, the
correct list would be 300-337 (four sets of 2 2-word vectors).

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