Guess what the hurricane(s) left behind!

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 19:13:24 2004

At 11:44 PM 9/16/04 +0000, you wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 16, 2004 at 07:39:23PM -0400, Joe R. wrote:
>> Well I guess the hurricane gods don't like Intel computers (or DECs!).
>> I left plenty of them outside through THREE hurricanes now and they didn't
>> take a single one of them. And now they're leaving Intels for me! Melbourne
>> got CLOBBERED by Frances.
>I have a buddy in Melbourne... I'm sure he left, so I'm worried for his
>personal safety (his place is another matter), but I haven't heard from
>him since before Frances. :-(

   There's a good chance that he hasn't gotten power back yet or that he's
backed up with E-mails. My buddy just got power last night but I know that
there are still thousands without power. If you like, send me his phone
number by direct e-mail and I'll try giving hm a call.


>Ethan Dicks, A-130-S Current South Pole Weather at 16-Sep-2004 23:40 Z
>South Pole Station
>PSC 468 Box 400 Temp -64.3 F (-53.5 C) Windchill -88.8 F
(-67.2 C)
>APO AP 96598 Wind 5.3 kts Grid 052 Barometer 684.4 mb (10460.
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