HP Printers

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Thu Sep 16 18:50:20 2004

> Thanks, it helps in that it tells me where the problem may be...power
> supply. But the 20 second off cycle didn't help so now I think its time
> to chuck 'em.

Well, considering that they're a lot better made than modern laser
printers, and that many of the faults can be fixed for a few dollars
worth of components (the only expensive part is the heater lamp, and
that, alas, is a common problem), I'd think again. I use an SX engined
printer here, I've printed a fair few thousands of pages on it, and it
was old when I got it. Apart from new pickup rollers it's given me no

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