KDJ11-B in a PDP-11/23 backplane?

From: David Betz <dbetz_at_xlisper.mv.com>
Date: Thu Sep 16 20:22:23 2004

Thanks everyone for your advice on using a KDJ11-B in a PDP-11/23.
Unfortunately, I lost (by a mile!) the eBay auction where I was bidding
on the KDJ11-B so I guess I won't be doing this upgrade anytime soon.
Would it be better to look for a KDJ11-A instead? I assume that would
work as-is with my backplane. Would I need a new bootstrap though? I'm
currently using a MXV11 (M8047-CA) to boot an RX02 drive. Will that
work with the KDJ11-A CPU?
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