Help, I need a very small PS/2-style keyboard

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 23:14:03 2004

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Jules Richardson wrote:
>>(My car-based mp3 jukebox project has been stalled for years until I can
>>figure out a way of navigating thousands of audio files on the move
>>without killing myself :-)

Use a single 45 record and a nice valve amp.

What was wrong with the old 8 track format anyhow
  other than too cheap cases and poor audio tape ?

If random access is not needed how about
4 tracks of audio ... about 15? minutes long.
Tape selection as 000...999
4 push buttons to toggle selection ... audio response
  7 hundred and Fifty The best of blah blah blah ... track 3

PS. mp3 may be too compressed for home audio however
with a nive valve amp.
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