KDJ11-B in a PDP-11/23 backplane?

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Fri Sep 17 02:27:42 2004

On Sep 16 2004, 21:22, David Betz wrote:
> Thanks everyone for your advice on using a KDJ11-B in a PDP-11/23.
> Unfortunately, I lost (by a mile!) the eBay auction where I was
> on the KDJ11-B so I guess I won't be doing this upgrade anytime soon.
> Would it be better to look for a KDJ11-A instead?

Maybe. It doesn't have the on-board SLUs, LTC, or bootstrap, of
course, so you'll need some other serial port for your console (as you
have at present, on your MXV11) and bootstrap (ditto). You'd also need
a line time clock signal for some OSs (RT-11 won't mind but others

> I assume that would
> work as-is with my backplane. Would I need a new bootstrap though?
> currently using a MXV11 (M8047-CA) to boot an RX02 drive. Will that
> work with the KDJ11-A CPU?

It'll work fine, but you might want a different bootstrap, for which
that MXV11-A won't really do. None of the standard KDJ11 bootstraps
will fit (the ROM space on it is too small, and the mapping is wrong)
and the memory is only 18-bit. You can disable the memory, and/or the
bootstrap, but that doesn't leave much!

If you could find an MXV11-B (M7195) instead, that would do nicely, but
you don't actually need one.

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