more RSTS/E strangeness....

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Fri Sep 17 08:58:44 2004

>>>>> "Ron" == Ron Hudson <> writes:

 Ron> ooh no it's that Hudson fellow again. Someone take his PDP 11
 Ron> away, he don't know how to use it..

 Ron> There is a problem when I am logged to my RSTS/E(simh) in as
 Ron> [1,2].

 Ron> I recently have been trying to edit my tty.cmd file, I am using
 Ron> teco, I edit the file making a change, I save the file with the
 Ron> teco command ex$$, ($=escape). Once out of teco I type tty.cmd
 Ron> to verify my changes. I then use pip to copy tty.cmd to tty.bak
 Ron> and tty.old .

 Ron> Then I shutdown RSTS/E and restart - to make sure my changes
 Ron> work.

 Ron> On reboot RSTS can't run tty.cmd - claims it can't even find it.
 Ron> Of course the startup procedure stops at that point so a lot of
 Ron> other things don't get done (loading error managers, spool
 Ron> managers, batch manager and defining CCL are the main things)

 Ron> While in this state directory (run $direct) cant find tty.* none
 Ron> of the tty files I copied remain..

 Ron> I even tried saving a file named cmd.tty and it vanished too.

 Ron> I type a new tty.cmd from scratch (using teco or pip) and reboot
 Ron> and now **all** of them are back.

 Ron> 8^P What's up?

Sounds like a corrupt file structure.

Try the "clean" option in INIT (Refresh command) at boot.

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