Panasonic FDD number decode?

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Fri Sep 17 10:14:17 2004

Has anyone information on decoding the model number suffix on a Panasonic
3.5" floppy drive? The number is JU-257-14PF.

I was told it was a 720K drive when I bought it some time ago but it seems
to act like a 1.44MB unit. Need to confirm as I want a 720K for an
industrial OS-9/68K system I'm thinking of dragging out of storage.
Controller only talks 720K. Controllers in PC's use connector pin two,
IIRC, to select lo/hi density. Is my drive selectable by internal jumpers
for 720k only/1.44MB only (and is there such a drive available in general)?
I don't care to hack the hardware on my nice OS-9 system just to make
something work.

I can find 900+ hits on Google at this moment for the JU-257. Several
different suffixes are shown and many indicate 1.44MB capacity. There's but
only one with the -14PF suffix which appears in the search under the
inventory of Searchlight site. No descriptive help there. Methinks
this is in fact a HD drive instead of the desired 720K and I was,
basically, ripped off.

Neither Matsushita nor Panasonic website searches yield anything on even
"JU-257". Long obsolete, evidently.

Thanks for your help.

-Chris F.


Christian Fandt, Electronic/Electrical Historian
Jamestown, NY USA
         Member of Antique Wireless Association
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