Interesting article on UCSD Pascal team annual reunion

From: emanuel stiebler <>
Date: Fri Sep 17 10:43:42 2004

ben franchuk wrote:
> emanuel stiebler wrote:
>> John Foust wrote:
>> "Some in the UCSD crowd remain convinced that their software was
>> technologically superior to Bill Gates's MS-DOS, and still mourn that
>> outcome."
>> so, please put it open source ...
> Well for back then I would say , all was just as flakey.
> The only thing pascal was 'is portable' ( barely ) on the
> 8 bit machines.

We had the whole developers kit at some time, and ported it to a mc68k.
That was VERY easy, and I was really impressed with the performance and
how easy it was to use (AFTER that I had my first experience with it on
an apple;-)) Even the graphic part was nice (we had a bitmapped display
on it).
IIRC, the pcode interpreter had a 64k limit on data and code, but
imageine what you can do with 64k of pcode ;-)

And, imagine how easy it is to make a multi-user system, if you have
enough memory, and could switch just the data/code segments ...

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