Guess what the hurricane(s) left behind!

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Date: Fri Sep 17 16:36:46 2004

I will be happy to pass on the SW when I get to it, and to all also.. ISIS
should run on the 330, too. The 330s origianlly were 8086 SBC with separate disk
controllers for the HD and 8" Floppy. The 330 had a Priam 3450 *" HD (30 meg)
and a DSDD 8" floppy and a 6 slot backplane.

My 380 has a 286 SBC with a 14 slot backplane in one box and the HD, floppy
and a tape drive in a second same size box.Twin 50 pin cables interconnect.

The combo HD, Floppy and tape card is the 214 I think. There is usually a
console port on the SBC. Other serial IO was on other cards.

The hard drives have a manual parking lever. If it is not set do it

I would love to hear what the configuration of them is. The SBC board numbers
had a slash number. 86/30, 286/10.

The 320 is multibus II isn't it? A VME type connector (but not the same pin

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