From: Witchy <>
Date: Fri Sep 17 16:58:26 2004

> Could I use a BA356, with 8 bit personality module, with RZ29B-VW 4gb
> drives, with the UC08?

In theory, yes. The RZ29s will dumb down to narrow.

> From what I can find, the drives are 50 pin, wide SCSI, but I'm guessing
> that's what the personality module would handle.

Yep. It doesn't matter what the drives themselves are because the SBB
(canister) they live in presents a consistent connector to the outside
world, also the BA35x never got faster than 16bit SCSI - the shelves that
lived in RaidArrays were BA37x IIRC.

> If the BA356 and those drives should work, anyone know what the connector
> is on the BA356 going to the host adaptor?

The 8 bit personality module (BA35X-MG I think) has 2 50 pin Honda
connectors on, same as the stock BA350. Off the top of my head I can't
remember the DEC part number for the cable.....BC09J-xx perhaps?


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