still looking, and stuff to go UK

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Sep 17 18:47:15 2004

> Hi everyone,
> First up, would anyone like any of these bits:

Where are you? Not that I particularly want any of it, but I'm sure
somebody does...

> Tandy CoCo3
> Sinclair Z88 spares or repair - suspect minor repair needed
> An assortment of oddball 80s handheld lcd and led games
> RM480Z
> I'm on the lookout for the following as well:
> ACT Sirius hardware

I ahve a reverse-engineered schematic of the Sirius, which reveals a few
interesting things (like the user port, the sound _input_ connector, the
'GPIN' port and so on). Maybe I should copy it for you...

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