HP Laserjet ..again....

From: Jim Isbell <millenniumfalcon_at_cableone.net>
Date: Sat Sep 18 16:17:38 2004

As I stated earlier, I have cannibalized three HP laserjet series II
printers. In looking over the parts recovered I find that I have three
(3) totally different memory boards.

The first is populated with small chips on BOTH sides of the board with
a total of 128 soldered in chips that appear from their part numbers to
be 256K memory chips, That is the number 256 appears within the part
number. Now I don't know how wide the buss is but I am assuming 8 bits
because of its age. If so this board is a 4 Megabyte memory board.

The second is only half populated with 16 soldered in chips on one side
that have the number 1000 in their part number so I am assuming they are
1meg chips and using the afore mentioned logic I come up with a
2Megabyte memory board.

The third is fully populated with 32 socketed chips with the number 1000
in their part number and that works out to a 4 Megabyte memory board.

Is my logic sound?

Do I have two 4 meg boards and a 2 meg board?

What is the largest memory board the Series 2 could hold?

I am assuming that the socketed memory is best because it is easily
repaired, but are there any problems with the socketed memory having bad
contacts after time?
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