2.88 floppies

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Sat Sep 18 02:25:05 2004

Apparently Intel has the trusty old floppy scheduled for the chopping
block, so naturally I am more interested in them than ever.

Part of my purchase today was a pair of Panasonic LKM-F394-1 floppy drives,
(Gateway branded LS-120), which I was kind of assuming would at least
"read" a 2.88 floppy, but from what I have read it looks like I am wrong.
Is it just the Fujitsu Flopticals that will read 2.88 outside of an actual
2.88 floppy drive?

Also I know the list talked about it a little, but does anybody know how
these USB floppy drives actually work? I saw a snippet in a dogpile search
from a page I couldn't download anymore (halfbaked.com) that suggested a
fairly raw signal is passed via the USB with the processing done by the
host PC cpu. That would suggest a lot of modification possibilities wouldn't it?
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