Intel 86/330 pictures

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 10:31:36 2004

Hi All,

   I brought home two of the Intel 86/330 computers that I recently bought.
(The things are BIG and I could only get two in the car at one time). I was
told that they all contained bubble memory cards and the one that I checked
had one but neither of the ones that I brought home had one :-( Anyway I
took a few pictures of the two that I brought home. Here are some links;
Front <>, Back
<>, One of these has
the iSBC86/30 CPU card with a iSBC337 NDP daughterboard and a Real Time
Clock daughterboard made by Linear Systems
<>, they both
contained iSBC215 Winchester Hard Disk Controller cards with iSBC215 Floppy
Disk Controller daughterboards
<>, one system contains
an iSBC028 RAM card
<>, the other
contains an iSBC012CX RAM card
<>, both systems
contain iSBC86/30 CPU cards
<>. One system
contains an iSBC88/45 Advanced Data Communications board. This is the
first iSBC 88/45 that I've seen. According to a site on the net, it has 3
HDLC/SDLC half/full duplex communication channels, optional ASNCH/SYNC on 2
channels, Supports RS232C, CCITT V.24, or RS422A/449, has a 8088 8 MHz
microprocessor, On-Board DMA supports 800KB baud operations, Self-clocking
NRZI SDLC loop data link interface point-to-point multidrop, 16KB static
RAM, Software programmable baud rate generation.

   More later,
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