Searching for LapTop manual (IBM T21)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 11:32:06 2004

>Yea, yea, its not old enough
>But then maybe someone has a pdf or word doc of a manual I could have shot at
>I have just won a bid on one on eBay and it came with no manual or Win98 CD
>even though it has a license. I figure I can find a CD locally but the manual
>I'd check here.
>Rich Sias

Have you thought of checking the IBM Website? I know they're pretty
good about driver support for their older laptops, though I'm not
sure how good they are about manuals. Last time I checked, they
still had driver support for on-topic laptops online.

Also, a T21 should be able to handle Win2k, WinXP, or Linux just
fine, you're not stuck with Win98.


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