RSTS strange problem

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 16:04:19 2004

>>>>> "Ed" == Ed Kelleher <> writes:

 Ed> At 01:01 AM 9/18/2004, you wrote:
>> I have repeated it again... and typed out all the files before I
>> rebooted - they disappeared again.
>> I ran option:RES Clean then booted again. They were still gone.
>> It's funny that all the files I touched disappeared..
>> Perhaps this is a clue... What is SY0: as contrast to SY: and DL0:
>> (all the same drive?)

 Ed> If you have 2 public disks RSTS is kind enough to share the load
 Ed> and spread new files among them. That was one of first "gotchas"
 Ed> RSTS had for me. From then on, I didn't mount any other drives
 Ed> as PUBLIC.

Yes. The trouble is that only the system disk is mounted initially,
so anything needed to get the system going must be on the system disk
and NOT on any other public disk.

The best thing to do with public disks is "just say NO". Instead, use
a big enough system disk. That definitely was not a good RSTS
feature, though perhaps excuseable due to the small size of disk
drives in the early 1970s.

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