Real PDP11 model question

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 17:13:05 2004

> To the best of my knowledge the smallest possible PDP-11 made out of
> real hardware would be a 4-slot dual-height backplane, with a

There is a Q-bus box called a BA11-V, which is the same size as as the
stand-alone TU58 tape drive (and indeed is designed to stack with said
drive). It contains a 4-slot backplane (I assume Q18) and a little power

It was used in the UK for something called 'York Box' which linked
machines (mostly VAXen and PERQs) to the X25-based JANET network. IIRC
the standard set of cards was an SBC21, MSV11 (whichever is the 64K byte
(OK, 32K word ;-)) version, DPV11 (to link the X25 side) and DRV11
(parallel interface to the host, you could also have a serial link using
one of the ports on the SBC21).

I suspect that is one of the smallest 'official' PDP11s.

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