Real PDP11 model question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 22:23:21 2004

>I had a couple of SMS boxes in my warehouse that had hard drive and a floppy
>drive and I think a 4 slot qbus backplane. One had 8 inch drives and the other
>5 1/4 inch drives. When I got them I think they had 11/23+ CPUs. They were
>19" rackmount and about 5 inches tall. Fairly deep as thery were
>designed for 8
>inch drives in front with the cardcage in back. I think you could put an 11/73
>card in one.
>Zane, did you buy those from me years ago? They sold in one of my final
>warehouse sales.
>Astoria, OR

Yes, I got these, but sold them after being contacted by someone that
needed them. They were a 2 or 3U rackmount, so basically they're the
samme size as a BA23. Nice enough systems, but a bit of a pain as
the disk and I/O was all proprietary SMS off of the Q-Bus. Since
they used MFM HD's they're not something I'd really recommend.


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