Please Help Identify Mystery ISA Card

From: jim stephens <>
Date: Mon Sep 20 10:05:36 2004

Tony Duell wrote:

> > It is from Maynard Electronics, 1988. The large socketed chip says:
> >

Maynard was swallowed by Tecmar, the the whole was swalloed by Rexon.

I think that they were rolled into something else later.

all those were makers of proprietary interfaced tape backup systems, or
such, which either had parallel port, floppy extension or replacement
or scsi interfaces.

none had documented interfades, though if you can find on the unit where
the scsi chip's registers appear, and then trace back from the dma lines
on the ISA edge card which dma's are connected, you can probably write
or adapter one if one exits for the wdc 33C93. most likely place for
would be in early copies of Linux, for which people may have written

those drivers are usually good sources of info on the chips, as well
as code that can be used if you are doing GPL-able or for your own
amusement work.

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