ISDN useless relic? Token Ring unkillable

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Mon Sep 20 17:08:06 2004

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Brown <> writes:

 Dave> The P8 card is basic, not primary rate. There are many vendors
 Dave> for channelised E1 PCI cards around now- try a search on
 Dave> something like 'dual port E1 PCI" and you should get quite a
 Dave> few.

By the way... it's been a year or four since I dabbled in this stuff,
and I never paid much attention to ISDN, but... ISDN is a whole lot of
complexity on top of the basic wires. Channelized T1/E1 is a very
simple thing, and if you have that, there should be plenty of
solutions from many places. ISDN may use that at the bottom layer,
but then you pile LAPD or whatever that pile of acronyms was on top,
and things are far more complicated.

Hopefully Mike's friend just needs channelized E1 without the baggage.

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