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Date: Mon Sep 20 17:59:52 2004

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> On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, David V. Corbin wrote:
> > >>> Sellam Ismail,
> > >>>
> > >>> I still use them [floppy's] all the time. It's still the quickest
> > >>> easiest way to transfer files (that can fit on them of course).
> > >>>
> > >>> I use CD-R for backups and transferring very large files.
> >
> > Compared to a USB memory stick? Unless I want to keep or do repeated
> > transafers over time, I have lamost stopped using CD-R's completely.
> I don't invest in any of that fancy new-fangled equipment. I use whatever
> I already have or what's given to me. That usually means stuff that's 3-7
> generations behind whatever is current today. I generally use hardware
> until it wears out completely. That means I have lots of older computers
> around in use all the time (some of it even on topic here). Either I'm
> very cheap or I believe in using something until it can't be reasonably
> used anymore (and then I try to stretch it out some more ;)
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> Sellam Ismail Vintage Computer

I use floppies for machines that don't have any other easy method of
transferring data (no hd, cdrom, or network connection) such as my 8 bit
computers and some 16bit ones. Since it is still possible to get 5.25 and
3.5 DD disks in new condition we still have a way to go before the floppy is
completely dead.

Tape is still the best method for archiving files, if its not worth the time
to backup a file to DAT then the file is not worth backing up (keeps you
from archiving things you will never need). I use cdrs for music and copying
other cd's.

If I used hardware until it wore out I would still be using a 1200 baud
modem! You have to upgrade some components because the speed increase is
worth it, while still retaining the original machines ability to run
software it was intended to run.
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