Real PDP11 model question

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Mon Sep 20 20:41:05 2004

>Ron Hudson wrote:

> I suppose what I would want to know is what can I run RSTS from that
> won't scare my wife, and
> would look sort of like a PC (box only)
> Also Whatever should be available enough to be cheap and easy to find.

Jerome Fine replies:

If you are focused on the software, then you might NOT
mind using an actual PC and running the Ersatz-11 emulator.
VT100 emulation is built in and it runs many times faster
on any Pentium III. There are both Windows and Linux
hobby versions. In addition, I am able to add most of the
extra keys present on an LK201 keyboard from a VT220
with the standard 104 key PC keyboard.

However, I use Windows 98 SE because I find it essential
to read 132 character text files from MACRO-11 listings.
The ATI AGP adapter is compatible with E11 to do this
only with Windows 95 / 98 as far as I understand.

Although I use only RT-11, RSTS/E also runs very well.

HAVE FUN!! Your wife should not even notice - except
that you will be using only text screens rather than Windows
GUI interfaces.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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