LGP-21 photos, including memory

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Date: Mon Sep 20 21:11:22 2004

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Tom Jennings wrote:

> > Ok, for some reason I had in mind that this was a drum. I actually have
> > that drive in my collection. Yours is in WAY better shape though. I
> > think mine sat outside in the elements for a while before I got it.
> The surface is nickel-plated. Nickel is pretty rugged and chemically
> inert relative to other metals. Even if it's got dirt in it and had
> moisture/water, it may actually be usable, or recoverable. Don't rotate
> it!

Too late :(

> The heads I think are ceramic and enamelled copper wire, electronic
> stuff survives water pretty well unless there was dissimilar-metals type
> electrocorrosion going on.

The disc in some places is fairly scratched, but it doesn't sound too much
worse than how you've described seeing other discs. The resistor array on
one head section has been completely ripped off. The other head sections
all seem to be intact with interconnecting wires. It probably needs some

> If I work out a recovery scheme, maybe I'll ask to borrow it, clean it,
> power it up and recover it and give it back to you.

That would be swell.

> > I found some marketing literature for it while
> > going through some documents at the Computer History Museum a while back.
> > I can make a copy for you if you like.
> I would *love* to have copies and of course originals if available.
> Copies would be fine, and if they're at the museum, maybe I can
> photograph the covers for a sense of color etc when I come up for VCF.

The model I have (according to the tag) is L-321-1. I have sales lit. for
the Model L-323 and the Series L-300 in general. I believe I know where
the originals are at the CHM. If you have a fax number then I'll fax over
copies tonight or thereabouts.

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