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Date: Mon Sep 20 23:16:07 2004

The terminal for the Decmate III is the VR201 although they can use the color
VR241 with the optional color card. The keyboard is the LK201 Gold Key word
processing keyboard.

The DECmate III is a small box about 12" wide by 11" deep and about 5 1/2"
high. The VR201 is one of the smallest mono monitors I have ever seen,
comparable to the Zenith 9 inchers.

I have had both the VT103 and a Decmate III and would definitely believe the
Decmate III, keyboard and mono monitor is smaller than a VT103 and keyboard.
Now if you include the color monitor...but then the VT103 was not color either.

A quick google search for "DECmate III" brought up

which has a picture of the outfit.

Hmm, in production from 1984 to 1990. There were both Z80 and 8088 option
cards for CPM and MS-DOS? I have seen the CPM options, although more common in
the DECmate II but never the 8088 card.

Monochrome WPS Word Processing worked very well and was easy to run on the
RX50's 400K floppys. I am sure that is why it survived for so long.

Does anyone know of an Ethernet interface for one of these?

Astoria, OR
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