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From: John Foust <>
Date: Tue Sep 21 03:35:24 2004

At 03:04 PM 9/20/2004, Vintage Sellam Festival wrote:
>You can't rely just on those two tools. To properly clean a system, I
>start with AdAware, then run Spybot S&D, then run CWShredder, then run
>HijackThis! to do any final clean-up (HijackThis! is a manual process and
>you must know what you're doing). The first three programs only get
>most/some of the problems but not all, so it's important to run all of
>them, IMO.

I'll second that, but I'll add "And rinse, lather, repeat."
Ideally, disconnect the computer in question from the net,
have a CD with these programs plus their latest-greatest
fingerprint databases, install and clean and clean and clean
and open the browser and surf and clean until everything
comes up zero.

But spyware tools are nowhere where they need to be. I'd love to
have a boot CD that would let me scan and clean without needing to
actually install and clean on the infected system, as well as tools
that could operate on a non-active non-booted hard disk in the system.
All of today's tools are focused on running live in the infected
system in order to scan the registry, BHOs, and processes
running in the system.

- John
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