Big IBM vacuum-column tapes drives on Ebay

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Tue Sep 21 08:53:40 2004

>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Parker <> writes:

 Brad> Paul Koning wrote:
>> With the controller included, it would presumably hook up to
>> anything that knows an IBM channel interface. So if you have a
>> DX11 you could hook it up to your Unibus PDP11;

 Brad> wow - bus & tag? I've never seen a dx11. I assume VMS had
 Brad> support for that.

No VMS support that I know of. The DX11 was a rather uncommon beast.
I believe it was a 6 foot rack full of little M series modules (and
perhaps even older modules). Built by the CSS group, I believe. When
I heard of it, it was definitely used with a PDP11 at one end, not a
VAX. One of my co-workers in the RSTS group used to support that
beast; he had a box or two of IBM-side diagnostics card decks in his
office. I guess the primary application was as a PDP11 to IBM/360
interconnect, so the PDP11 could act as an IBM front end or something
along those lines.

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