Compucolor items on eBay

From: John Bell <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 21:05:22 2004

Hi Chandra!

I have a "newer" model CompuColor II, the style that has the monitor
and keyboard in the same case.
Yes, the screen buffer was used during floppy I/O! The floppies held a
whopping 40K per diskette. However there is
*NO* truth to the rumor that the CCII is so old that the disk drive
uses a hand crank (grin).

I have the original manual, a third-party user's guide. I also have the
ROM listings for 1978 and 1979 ROMs. I may be a bit
off with the years, but it has been a while and my memory has faded.

If there is something you need me to look up, let me know. The books
and ROM listings are too big to easily photocopy, sorry!

--- John Bell
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