Super DEC find today

From: Edward <>
Date: Fri Sep 17 11:13:08 2004

Well, today was a truly super find day.

We (Henk Gooijen and I) collected 2 pallets full of test equipment from HP
at an older warehouse (was used by DEC). What we got :

2x Unibus margin testers
2x Unibus exercisers
3x RK06/07 drive testers
2x RM02/3/5 drive testers
1x PRS01 papertape reader
2x portable RX02 drives (basically 1 RX02 drive + psu in suitcase)
1x portable RX01 drive
2x potrable RX50 drives
2x RL02 reference packs (these have a blue top and are marked RL02-RF)
1x set of RL01's containing a full XXDP+ diagnostic kit
1x RL02 containing XXDP+
1x RA60 containing 8xxx/9xxx complete diagnostic kit
1x RL02 containing 11/750 diagnostics
2x RA60 data packs
2x RK07 alignment packs
2x RK06 alignment packs
1x RK07 XXDP+ pack
1x RM02/3 Alignment pack
1x RM02/3 XXDP+ pack
1x Kennedy 9900 tapedrive exerciser
1x Wilson tester (for various SMD/CMD drives, incl CDC's)
1x RP06 drive tester
1x RP05/06 alignment toolset
1x RT02 terminal
1x HSC50/70 software kit
3x RK06/07 alignment toolset
200+ floppies containing XXDP+ (DX/DY)
70+ floppies containing XXDP+ (RX50)
10+ tapes containing XXDP+
3x head inspector kits.

Pics to be seen at

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